The Ideal Senior Skip Day

By Austin West

The ideal senior skip day (for seniors in high school, not the ones who get the discounts) would pretty much be a trip somewhere with your friends, just having a good time and enjoying yourselves. One of the best times in high school should be your senior skip day, made even better by not having to worry about expenses or how you’re going to get there.

You should always save up some money for about a month. This way you can go on your trip and not have to worry about money problems you might run into. You need to save enough money to pay for the way to wherever you are going. Then save the money for your room wherever you are staying and bring a lot of extra money to spend so you can have a good time. This is the key step to having a great senior skip day.

The second, and most important, step is bringing your best friends. Without your friends this day would be uncool and pointless. If you don’t bring your friends you’re not going to want to remember this trip because it is going to be pointless. Your friends are what are going to set this day off. They are the ones that are going to make you snapchat famous when you are doing something crazy or later on in life when you are at your twenty year reunion. I mean, everything is better when your friends are with you.

The last step is to execute! Now get out there and make your perfect senior skip day happen.  Here are some ideas:

  • Camping
  • Cumberland Falls
  • Fishing (or, generally, being on a lake)
  • Go to Church
  • Go to delicious restaurants
    • In Russellville: Sol Azteca, Brother’s, Slappyz, Roy’s, Sylfoni’s)
    • In Bowling Green: Mariah’s, CHANEY’S, Kyoto (NOT Kyoto Gardens), Steamer’s, Mellow Mushroom, Steak n’ Shake, Krispy Kreme (only when the light is on), Stakz, Rafferty’s, Double Dogs, Sam’s Gyros
  • Golf (be sure to schedule a tee time, or if you dare, a tea time!)
  • Hang out with Josh McKinney
  • Kayaking
  • Kentucky Kingdom
  • King’s Island
  • Movie
  • Pick up game of basketball (or any sport, if you will)
  • Red’s Game (Lucas: “when the Cubs are there”)
  • Shop in Nashville
  • Visit Russellville High School (cross town rivals?  How about cross town friends!)
  • Zoo (everything is happening at the zoo)

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