Spring Break

By: Erik Williams

Due to the strange winter that Logan County experiences year after year, A blue moon may be seen more often than students see a full spring break. However, God has finally graced the high school students with few snow days and somewhat consistent weather. This means a full two week break for students to unwind and refuel before the strenuous testing and stress of end of year grades.

Two weeks is enough time for students to do plenty of events. Fellow student Austin Gregory is taking a week to visit Memphis for a mission trip. Also, Mr. Bailey’s AP literature class plans to partake in a Nerf battle over the two week break. There are many great activities for students to do around Logan County, You just have to go and find them. The Climb is a popular obstacle course on Franklin road; one could find so much fun going there on a warm day with some buddies. And of course plenty restaurants are in town that offer good food with fun atmospheres. Sol Azteca is a great Mexican restaurant and Bethel Dipper also is a great restaurant to adventure to. Especially if you have access to a convertible car, Bethel Dipper is a great place to take that ride to get some retro hamburgers and ice cream. Also, Bowling Green is not far away, and they have a movie theater. I strongly recommend seeing Logan as a spring break journey.

Other students however may not have any plans whatsoever. Lucas Henley was asked what his plans were, and he stated “I have no idea, and it’s wonderful.”  Spring Break is perfect for lounging around and not doing anything at all. The weather should be perfect for some lounge chairs and sweet tea if that is your fancy. The time off also provides a great opportunity to catch up on some video games. The newest Legend of Zelda came out recently, and should be a good one to play.

The last semester is going to be a formidable challenge for high school students. Seniors not only have to worry about end of course exams, but also scholarships and getting prepared for college. Juniors will be busy with the ACT and other testing.  Underclassmen probably will find something to worry there little brains out, either way students have their hands full with obligations. A break will do wonders for the kids here, and a full two week break is just what the doctor ordered.

Spring break is a perfect time to relax and enjoy the weather. The last semester is always the hardest, making spring break so much more important and fantastic. The weather looks to be perfect for not worrying and just being happy. So take advantage Logan County schoolers, it’s going to be a good, long, and deserving spring break.

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