Spring Break Soundtrack

By: Erik Williams

The weather is warming up and more inviting here in Logan County. Mother Nature is practically calling us students into the wilderness, to explore and enjoy. In order to fully appreciate the adventures that call us together with friends, a good soundtrack is essential. All great explorers have theme songs of peril and journey, such as Indiana Jones. Here are a few songs that need to be on your adventure playlist.

Arrows by Fences ft. Macklemore

This track sounds like a warm day riding with friends in a topless car. The lyrics talk about just being you, and living life. The bass line brings a smooth and relaxing vibe to the song. The guitar and drum provide a vibe of happiness and fun loving sense. Macklemore’s part in the song brings a perfect example of what he does best, bring youthfulness and relatable to the lyrics of the song and his flow is perfect for letting your hair down.

Flashed Junk Mind by Milky Chance

This German band makes a quirky song that is the epitome of adventures of any sort. Whether it is chilling around a campfire with friends or out making trouble in the city, this song is perfect for capturing the moment. The relaxed chorus of the song is perfect for taking in the moment, whatever that moment may be. The guitar riff is a quirky, but fun. Clemens Rehbein’s vocals are a phenomenal balance of smooth and rugged, making this song a perfect addition to a spring track list.

Crystals by Of Monster and Men

There’s a sound of anticipation in the simple sound of this song. The cadence reminds me personally on deer striding through the forest. The percussion is the stand out of this song, with the symbols emphasizing certain parts and lyrics of the song. The vocals are nothing extravagant, but because of the simple nature, the song has a melody that is impossible to resist singing along. The tune is great for the exciting moments before a fun event.

Outro by M83

If you were to climb to the top of a majestic mountain, and look down on the clouds and people, I firmly believe that that feeling is the same as the vibe of the song. The lonely synth at the beginning the song gives a feeling of a bald eagle flying through the air. As the song progresses, more elements are added to the song giving it the luster of adventure. The lead singer’s vocals are hard to understand, which plays more perfectly with the theme of the song. I wish to hear this song when I reach the climax of every important life event, and it certainly exceeds standards of songs of adventure.

Wake Up by Arcade Fire

Arguably one of the best alternative bands of the 2000s, Arcade Fire delivers a song that resonates in the heart of adventure. With lyrics of the pain of growing up and realizing the world, Win Butler delivers a certain chill and rebellious feeling to the song, which is what he does the best. The chorus has no words, but a simple melody sang by a choir of the band members, forming a song to get the blood pumping and adventures starting. Win Butler may talk about the roughness of seeing the world for the first time without rose color glasses, but this song leaves you with the urge to discover the world for yourself.

With perfect weather, and a time to adventure coming with spring break, these songs are perfect to listen while experiencing the fun times. Let’s face it, our days of youth and responsibility are numbered, so absorbing the feelings of adventure and not having responsibilities is all the more important. These songs would make a great addition to your adventure playlist, they’re theme songs. So get out there all the Indiana Jones’s of Logan County, get to exploring.

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