March Madness

By: Erik Williams

There are few sporting events that captivate audiences whose team isn’t in the game, especially over the course of a month. However, college basketball us different. Cinderella teams emerge to break brackets, and teams favored usually don’t fulfill their expectations. In this month, rivalries are made and nerves are at a high, because in two short halves, a team can carry on in their championship journey or carry on home. March brings fans to the point of madness.

Many of us are not collegiate level athletes, but we can play an important role in the tournament. Bracketology is a word created to describe the act of predicting the results of a bracket of the NCAA basketball tournament. Bracketology can tear friendships, break promises, and ruin love. But it also can create a feeling of success so deep, that it can give purpose to someone’s life. Many pools except brackets here at Logan county, these pools turn Bracketology into a sport.

The tournament is played all across America. The closest game to Logan County will be played in Memphis Tennessee, where the Kentucky Wildcats and other teams in the south region of the bracket will square off. Other local teams that will make an appearance are Northern Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Louisville.

If you don’t follow a local team that is in the tournament, here are some players for you to look out for. Lonzo Ball is from UCLA, and plays very similar to NBA superstar Steph Curry. His ability to score and put his team in good positions to do the same will be interesting to see in the big dance. Malik Monk is also a great player to follow, he can seemingly score from anywhere on the court, and has many fantastic over the rim finishes. The speed that Kentucky plays at will promote highlight plays from Monk. Frank Mason is arguably the best player entering in the tournament. He has experience, great play making abilities, and hits clutch shots in nerve-racking situations. He will be a great one to watch as Kansas tries to make a run in the tournament.

With all the dominant teams that come in the tournament, there are always teams that defy expectations and make a dangerous run into the heart of the tournament. Notre Dame is amongst these. The Fighting Irish have players that complement each other and their teamwork and passing proves to be a formidable threat to teams they face. Oregon Ducks are another sleeper team, although they lost an important player, the Ducks still have a reliable roster, and a potential player of the year that should make a challenge for their region of the bracket.

Many sports analysts regard March as the greatest months in the sports world. The NCAA tournament provides stellar basketball action, with fans, festivities, glory, and tears. In one shining moment a team will prove worthy of a prestigious prize; the title of National Champion.

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