Clash of the Cats

By Erik Williams

Nothing brings a town of people together in one auditorium to watch high school athletes like a cross town rivalry. Here in Logan County, we are trained to be completely competitive against The Other High School in our county. Every sport seems to give their all when they play in the Clash of the Cats, so let’s see how the teams did.

In the fall season, Logan county dominated in all but one sport against our cross town foes. Football fell in their one game against them, but our cross country did more than make up, as the runners were among the top in the state. Both girls and boys soccer teams leveled the Panthers on their way to becoming district champions. And the volleyball team smothered the lesser cats team as they also were crowned in the district realm.

The Black and Gold Team came close to retaliate during the winter season. Our boys basketball team made the game interesting, but fell in the end both games to the Panthers. Our girls, however, beat the panthers in both clashes. The Swim team also out-swam our athletic nemesis.

The spring season hasn’t yet seen a clash. The first is a match on the tennis courts, but both schools look confident in being the best team in the county in their respective sports. Baseball is proving to be a top team in the region, softball has some young talent coming to make some waves, but The Team That Shall Not Be Named has a solid track team that Logan looks to outrun. So the spring teams will prove that Logan County High School has the best athletic programs in the 2016-2017 school year.

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