Cafetorium vs. Auditorium

By: Lydia Manley

Arts programs are very important to various countries around the world. Most European countries make them mandatory for all schools. Although some would say that the arts are not important, they have proven to bring a tremendous amount of success to multiple students, including Logan County. Unfortunately, our school does not have an auditorium. The closest facility we have is a cafetorium. While this does provide somewhat of a stage area it is not ideal for all that is needed for our productions. There are many reasons why LCHS needs a real auditorium.

One area that Logan County is known for is our sports program. While sports is a great activity the arts should not come second every time. LCHS has two gyms and no auditorium. This is not fair to the arts program whatsoever. Logan County needs somewhere other than the cafeteria to perform.

If Logan County had an auditorium it would have many uses. First of all the students for the arts would not have to perform on a very small very old stage when they had a production. The school could also use it for many other events. For example, spring assemble is coming up and this would be great place for the students to gather other than cramming everyone in the uncomfortable gym. This would also provide a central location for students, teachers and parents to gather for events. Which in turn would increase the high school’s publicity and image.

Having this auditorium would be a great addition to the school. While many gyms have grown our sports program, having an auditorium will grow our arts program. Even though LCHS has just started doing productions again the amount of support has grown over the past two years. While it is growing though there are still many people who do not understand the arts or simply do not know what they are. Having this auditorium would also help the arts program in our community.

According to, “Multiple studies have concluded that curricular and extracurricular arts studies and activities help keep high-risk dropout students stay in school.”

So while the arts would have many benefits for our school and community these are just a few of the many reasons why. Most schools have an auditorium so why should Logan County High School not have one? This is the question many people are starting to ask. So next time you are at Logan County and you’re in one of our gyms ask yourself “How could I, the school, and my community benefit from an auditorium?”

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