Tis’ the Lenten Season

By: Lucas Henley

The month of March for most people is college basketball and shamrock shirts. However, for the 20 and a half Catholics who live here, it’s the month of lent. Yes lent, that time where kids fast by eating one less burrito at Taco Bell, and express their faith by giving up their favorite hobby for 25 of the 40 days. In all seriousness though, lent is an interesting time to say the least, and definitely can lead to spiritual growth. It can seem pointless, but it has a lot of benefits, especially for someone who may need a reality check or to be humble. I personally gave up my bed one year, and it definitely made me appreciate what I have. It also was a lot easier to be less lazy when you sleep on a floor. Lent also tends to have a long time effect on people as well. I knew a guy who gave up cursing and slang all while broadening his vocabulary and it’s still with him to this day. Of course, not everyone’s sacrifice has to be this drastic, some people just pray more. Which is fine, it’s all based on what people’s preference. There are even people who practice lent and they aren’t even Catholic. Overall, lent is such a big deal for Catholics because it’s a chance to better ourselves and others, and bring us closer to God in the process.

I asked a few of the Catholics at LCHS to tell us what they gave up for lent and why, to give even more insight and maybe even ideas to think about for lent.

Lucas Henley: YouTube and video games. After not having a phone for two weeks I deemed this possible. The internet isn’t going anywhere and I need to be more productive, so why not?

Devin Roche: Take cold showers. This is Devin’s first lent and he’s already one upping most of us. Roche decided to do this because it’s simple and humbling.

Sammy Henley: Drinking nothing but water. My brother has been on a health kick recently and decided to take the next step to quit his addiction of tea and soda.

Brennan Hughes: “That’s a personal question.”

Joey Dilliha: “What Brennan said.”

George Graves: George gave up fatty foods and sweets, his reasoning for this is because he was tired of looking at the fridge after school and eating whatever looked good.

Carlyn Abney: Social Media.  She said she wanted to quit using it all the time.

Alyssa Lowe: Coffee. She said she had an addiction.

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