Tanner Morrow Makes “History” in Advancing to State

By Amanda Crutchfield

Advancing to regionals in any field a great accomplishment, but to advance to state is something to be very proud of. Tanner Morrow, a sophomore, recently competed in the social studies written test for the Logan County Academic Team. He placed first in district and fifth in regionals, which qualified him to go to state.

Tanner is a well-rounded student who really involves himself in the school. Being a part of the cross country team, academic team, and tennis team, Tanner is constantly busy. Cross country hindered him from starting the academic team season until winter. However, he worked hard and quickly rose to the top. “When I study, I make sure to study in a variety of areas,” said Morrow. According to the academic coach, Mr. Harris, Tanner has answered more quick recall questions this year than anyone else on the team. Social studies is obviously his specialty, but his fountain of random knowledge has really helped him to succeed.

Both coaches are excited to see how Morrow preforms at state. Coach Harris described his dedication to the team and said, “He deserves the praise that’s for sure!” Mr. Hughes, the assistant coach, claimed, “If I had to pick an MVP, he’d be it.” Mr. Hughes also said that out of the four years he has helped coach the team, Tanner is only the second person that he has sent to state. Everyone is excited to see what the next two years has in store for Morrow.

With the support of his family, friends, teammates, and coaches, Tanner has accomplished great achievements. When asked the secret to his success, Tanner responded with, “The true key to success is hard work, studying, and always watching DJ Khaled’s snapchat stories.” Logan county wants to congratulate and wishes Tanner the best of luck as he represents our school in the academic team state competition in Louisville.

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