Business Feature: Adam Haley Realtor/Auctioneer

By Kayla Marshall & Lydia Manley

Adam Haley has been in real estate business for five years, and he has been in the auction business his whole life. Adam’s father, Tim, started their company five years ago. They have been the #1 real estate company in Logan County for the past two years. Impressively, he has also been in the top 10 auctioneers in Kentucky in 2015 & 2016. Another accomplishment is that Haley is in the board of directors for the Kentucky Auctioneers Association. His company provides full service real estate such as helping people get approved for financing, finding their dream homes, handling all customers’ paperwork, and helping with the biggest financial investments in his clients’ lives. Adam says, “buying or selling a property can be very stressful and I take the majority of stress out of the equation for the customer.”

A LCHS graduate in 2008, Haley has some helpful wisdom for students facing college. After high school he attended WKU, but Haley later found out that college just was not for him. After dropping out of college, he pursued a career in real estate, and he is so glad he did. He states that college is not meant for everyone. He wishes he would have known that sooner before racking up student loans and that there are more careers available for young professionals with vocational degrees and training.  If high school students do not want to go to college, Haley suggests they consider a tech school instead of a $60,000-80,000 in debt student loan.

Regardless whether they go to college or not, when Logan County graduates return to buy homes, they know exactly who to contact.

We are proud to have Adam Haley sponsor our work here at the LCChronicle and LCHS Yearbook!

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