Business Feature: Brandon Keith Photography

By Lucas Henley

Turning a hobby into a career is a difficult job, and something that many people do not do. Brandon Hessan understands this, which is why he is as humble as can be and takes extreme pride in his work.

Brandon Hessan is a local man from Logan County who has been doing camera work for the past four years. It started out as a casual pastime, but quickly turned into a professional business when he realized the potential to be had.

Hessan opened his business a little over a year ago, and since then he has already seen serious results. Hessan’s work has been published on two different wedding magazines, Engaged and My Wedding, both of which have over 20,000 subscribers combined, a milestone for his fast-growing business. Hessan is also popular among the students of LCHS. It seemed like every other student in the school hallways were customers, all smiling and greeting him as they went by. In addition to his aforementioned work, Mr. Hessan also takes family photos, fashion photos, photos for various businesses, and he makes design catalogs. Even with all of these tasks and responsibilities, Hessan does this all by himself, all while bringing a high quality for a much lower price than his competitors.


As if that were not enough, Hessan is continuing to add to his business in new and creative ways. Hessan stated that sometime in the near future, he would like to make videos specifically tailored to the student. Similar to senior pictures, but with photos instead. These can be music videos, graduation videos, anything unique to the students’ personalities. This is something that has not been done before, and Hessan would like to branch out and innovate.

Overall, Brandon Keith Photography offers unique photos and videos for everyone all while bringing a certain quality. Hessan describes owning a business as fun, but a challenge. He is proud of the work he has accomplished and even more so of the relationships built in the past years. Expect his name to soon be known all over Kentucky and maybe even the rest of the United States.

If you would like to see anymore of Brandon’s work, you can follow him on Instagram @brandonkeithphotography or visit his Facebook page under the same name.

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