Student Spotlight: George Graves

By Amanda Crutchfield

Even in a school of just 1,100 students, extraordinary humans walk the halls every day and get hidden in a sea of people. One does not have to be the sports star or the lead role in the school play to be remarkable. George Graves, a senior at Logan County, is a student that is so incredibly genuine and wise for his age that he stands out in the crowd.

George works hard both in and outside of school. He is currently an employee at Dominoes and enjoys working there because kids come in get amazed watching him toss the pizza dough. He is also a faithful member to his church and, during flex schedule in the morning, he goes to Sacred Heart and spends an hour in silence with God. Lastly, he has now decided to follow his “senior bucket list” and join a sport. He says track is very hard, but he uses his faith to push on. “At the half mile I’m like ‘Oh gosh I’m going to die. I can’t do this.’ But then I cross the finish line and I look down and I’m like, ‘How did I do that?’”

 George lives this busy life without a cellphone, an object that most teenagers consider a necessity. He chooses not to have a cellphone because, “Just knowing my personality, which is an addictive personality, I know that if I were to have a phone and get something like Flappy Bird I would be on there all day.” Who else would sacrifice a phone in order to be more productive throughout the day?

What really makes George such a genuine human being is how much he really cares about others. When asked what his favorite part about high school was, George said, “My favorite thing about high school is probably… the people.” I questioned this at first because many people would say that the people are their least favorite thing. However, he followed it up by saying, “I take much hope in the people. My favorite thing, I think, is when people surprise you. Like you might see someone and they seem very worldly, but I have seen if you look past that and really reach out to them, you’ll see the truth of their heart and you’ll realize that every heart does seek the truth. We all really do just want love. So I very much enjoy the people. They make it all worth it.”

Leaving high school to attend Franciscan University in Ohio, George wanted to share advice to anyone in high school. He says, “There are a lot of things in high school… to be more specific there a lot of temptations and a lot of paths to follow and it can be very confusing and it can even be a very dark time. It is tough to go through, more than just grades, but emotionally… and a lot of other things as you’re growing up. You know, you got your family, you have school, you have your friends, and you may have enemies. But you have to let go of yourself. What I mean is you can’t go through high school thinking about ‘my rep’ or ‘my social media’ or stupid things like ‘how do people see me? Am I the cool guy? Am I the lame kid in the corner?’ because there are all these cliques and everything. But there is only one thing in life you should think about and that is to love… because in the very end, only love counts and everything else is like dust in the wind.”

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