Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Toon

By Tia Mullins

There comes a time in everyone’s life when she is ready to end a chapter and begin a new one. From a small town in South Central Kentucky called Burkesville, Alisa Toon is ready to turn the page of a wonderful chapter.

She came to LCHS because her husband’s job was located in Russellville.  She then moved here once they got married.  During an interview, Toon was asked if she always wanted to be a teacher, and she replied with “yes, since I was a little girl I remember playing school and I was always the teacher.” Mrs. Toon chose the subject she would teach because, “I loved my family and consumer science classes and teachers in high school and thought the content was so important and applicable to everyday life.”

Her favorite memories in her teaching career were receiving many cards and notes in the mail from her former students over the years, most thanking her for teaching them the “Real life skills” (some were apologies for their past behaviors). Not only has she helped out many students, but her students and many days of teaching helped her learn a lot over the years.

Family and consumer science teacher Mrs. Morrow was one of Mrs. Toon’s closest friends in the building. She said  that over the past three years that she has worked with Mrs. Toon she has “learned a lot about her as time went by.” She said she saw how good her knowledge of the child care industries was and that she had some of the best lesson plans she had ever seen.  She “appreciated Mrs. Toon” and “liked having her as a coworker.”

Mrs. Toon has become a part the LCHS family and her influence will still be here after she leaves: she has changed lives and helped so many kids learn fundamental, real life skills and experiences. There’s nothing but good words to go around about her she loves what she does and is very passionate about it.

But it’s her time to start the next chapter. She will be missed by many at LCHS, including students and co-workers.  There are other adventures out there and risks to take, so its her  time to write a new chapter to add to the books.

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