LCHS Students Head to Honduras

By Claire Wilson


During the week of January 20-27, three students traveled to the Honduras. Two of those students were seniors: Claire Wilson and Dalton Nash, and the other is Harrison Wilson (sophomore). They went with a team from various local churches to complete a few tasks within an orphanage. The orphanage they visited is Faith Home and nearly seventy children under the age of 18 reside there.


While in the orphanage, the team held a miniature Olympic game and awarded those who came in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in ten different areas. Then we went out into the villages and hosted a Vacation Bible School.


In the afternoons, the men went to work on the transition homes right outside the gates of the orphanage. The transition homes are for the children who have reached the age of 18 and are ready to enter into the workforce. The homes needed electrical and plumbing repairs, as well as a new roof, so the men went to work on that. While the women did various jobs such as organizing the closet for all the children, painting murals, cleaning the Bible Institute, and taking care of the newborn babies that have recently been welcomed into Faith Home.7

When the team was not working inside the orphanage or hosting a Bible School, they were traveling to a village beside a banana plantation to hand out beans and rice. A family of five could survive on one pound of beans and rice for a week, so they were very thankful for that.


The team also passed out 260 backpacks to children filled with toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and a few toys. It was like Christmas morning that they have never experienced. Then the team took time to experience what their culture is like by learning to make corn tortillas and visiting the largest mall in Central America.

The children in the orphanage had the chance to do one last fun thing before their school year began again, so the Mission team took them to the pool. They all had a blast and did not want to leave, and by the end of the trip, neither did we.


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