Ambassadors Visit nursing Home

By Lydia Manley

Last Wednesday the Logan County student Ambassadors took a trip to the local nursing home, Creek Wood. The Ambassadors were accompanied by the Cougar Council, which is made up of 8th graders from the five middle schools. The group went kept some of the residents company for the morning. Some of the Ambassadors went around and made conversation while some played instruments and sang. The residents  enjoyed the company and urged the students to come back soon.


Regarding the students’ perspective, Erik Williams spoke on behalf of the Ambassadors’ experience of the event: “The gesture was simple, but extravagant. The residents of the home were very content with our company, although we didn’t have too much to offer. I specifically remember talking to one older lady, and she didn’t have much to say. I’d rather listen than talking, so I felt a little out of my comfort zone to talk without listening. This lady didn’t say much at all, but the joy in her eyes made it apparent that she thoroughly enjoyed listening. I hope to have helped boost the spirits of residents, and bring a little hope and joy of companionship into the community.”

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