The Student Section: The Rise and Stumble of an Empire

By Austin Gregory

In 2013, our volleyball team finished first in the region with a stellar 34-8 record. The girls had an 8-0 record against district opponents. Against Bowling Green, South Warren, and Greenwood they had a combined record of 7-1. Our girls made it to the second round of the state tournament before falling to powerhouse Henry Clay. The first time I was a member of a student section was at the region tournament championship game (hosted here) against South Warren. We won that game 3 sets to 2. While the student section wasn’t the biggest reason for the win, we definitely helped.

That year’s student section paved the road for student sections for years to come. They possessed consistent leaders, clever themes, complete participation, and most importantly, witty near-career-ending trash talk. My first experience with our student section was exhilarating because of the amount of fun we had, while also intimidating because of the amount of pride we take in our trade, whether winning or losing.


I am a senior now and I never imagined our student section would be almost more intimidating than seeing Shaq in the paint when driving for a layup; however, we come up short in certain sports: some sports receive hardly any attendance, and the support of a few students could make the difference in their confidence and success. Our student section started off the year with consistent greatness for volleyball, but when the volleyball season ended and basketball began, it appeared that we had lost a step or two. No sport knows this more than girls basketball. Logan Williamson, a senior on the girls basketball team, said “It’s just frustrating to see everyone sitting and not really paying attention, but being loud and obnoxious when the guys are playing.” No one could have said it better. Our girls program has just as much success as the boys team. The student section only really shows up big in key games like district games or tournaments.

Looking forward, the student section has an extremely bright future considering the amount of talent we have in our underclassmen sports teams, and our underclassmen student section. When asked about the future of the student section, freshman Jaden Hayes has this to say, “I hope we have good leaders, myself included,” as he laughed, “I hope we still have good themes, and I really hope we go too far sometimes, in regards to trash talk.”

Yet if we do not show more support for our teams, maybe we will be the ones deserving trash talk.

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