P.E. Teachers Are People too: Spotlight on Seth McReynolds

By Erik Williams (with Austin Gregory)

Coach Mac, Emcee Master Mac, Mr. Seth, Mr. Barry’s son, whatever you call him, Coach McReynolds is definitely a sublime teacher and intriguing person. Son of Mr. Barry McReynolds, a fellow teacher at Logan County, Coach McReynolds provides a unique, laid back, and relatable personality to his students. He is an assistant basketball coach, but also an impressive player himself. Austin Gregory and I had the opportunity to interview him, but to get background information, we talked to the one who might know him the best: his dad.

If you could be one avenger, which one would you pick?

The Hulk

Who’s better at basketball?

Seth, no question about that.

How many shoes do you think Seth has?

I’d say approximately 50.

Who’s better at checkers?

He’s pretty good, but I would say I’d beat him at checkers.

Who grows a better beard?

Well, I do, of course.

What’s the best prank Seth has done?

One time, he brought a universal remote to school. He used it to turn off the teachers monitors. The teachers were all confused and Seth thought we was pretty clever.

Mr. Barry thought highly of his son, and Mr. Barry wasn’t the only one. It is easy to presume that Seth has sly and clever character traits, and this was proven by the pranks he accomplished in his high school career. Since this is a highlight of Coach Mcreynolds, we thought it necessary to interview the man himself.

First, what do you preferred to be called?

Coach Mac is fine.

If you could be one avenger, which one would you pick?

Which one dates Scarlett Johansson?

The Hulk.

Yeah, that one.

How many shoes do you have?

Probably 20.

Which ones are your favorite?

LeBron 13 lows.

What are your favorite hobbies?

I love Golf; it’s the greatest.

What’s the best Father-Son duo, other than you and your dad?

Ken Griffey Jr. and Sr.

What was your dream job as a coach?

To be a Basketball coach, I’ve always known that I wanted to be a part of the game for as long as I can.

What are you watching?

Game of Thrones

What type of kid were you in high school?

I tried to be a class clown, I was a real smart alec. Still am.

What is your teaching philosophy?

Help kids find something to keep them active after the graduate. Help them discover a hobby that they love.

What do you offer your students that’s unique?

I think I’m relatable. I’m near their age, and I went to this school.

What is the funniest story from teaching?

Last year at Todd Middle, every day I had my students run laps and warm up before class. One kid came up to me and told me he couldn’t run his laps. Now, I have heard every excuse in the book, but this kid came up to me and said, “My teeth are too crooked so it cuts the circulation of my blood off from the rest of my head.”

What is the funniest story from your days as a student?

When I was an 8th grader at Adairville, we snuck out of the building five minutes before the bell and ran across the street to my buddy’s house. Well, one day, we rounded the hall into the cafeteria and hit a dead sprint. My buddy slipped and hit the ground. After that we got caught.

You’re getting married soon, how do you feel about your fiancé?

She’s pretty sweet.

Coach Mac is a great addition to the staff here at Logan County. He provides a unique and fun class setting, as well as a great personality to befriend. If you like to talk sports, he’s the guy to go to. I encourage that each student take the time to get to know him and get physically active in his classes.

And now a wise word of wisdom from Coach Mac to wrap things up:

“Steph (Curry) is trash.”


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