Grease Is the Word: Roles Given after Auditions

By Haley Dixon

Sandy Dumbrowski – Janie Tyler

Janie Tyler is a senior who has been in several plays and seemed very excited about doing Grease for her senior play. She says “It is kind of bittersweet because we are doing Grease for my senior play, which is amazing, but at the same time this will be the last time I get to act with my best friends and get to be with my drama family.”

Danny Zuko – Lucas Henley

Lucas is also a senior doing his last musical here at LCHS. He got started doing plays here at LCHS after taking drama class his freshman year and finding that he enjoyed it.  He wishes all his senior cast members good luck in there futures after high school and hopes that they still stay friends after high school.

Betty Rizzo – Karyn Kutzman

Karyn is a senior who says she enjoys playing the not-so-sweet girls. Karyn feels that when getting a part is all about becoming that part and getting a new view on life through those characters’ eyes. “You don’t want to be a character that’s just like you. What fun is that?” Karyn wishes everyone that she has grown close to over the plays good luck and for them to never be afraid to be who they are.

Frenchy – Katlyn Thompson

Kalyn Thompson is also a senior with the sadness and happiness of the last play she do here at the high school. She loves the part she got because it reflects her as a person very well. Katlyn Thompson fines irony in the fact that she wants to be a hairdresser and that Frenchy has that big dream in her roll in Grease is to be a hairdresser too.

Marty – Hannah Lawrence

Hannah Lawrence is a senior who is always thrilled to do the musicals and plays, doing anything that has to do with theater. She is sad about not being able to act and see the same people after this year because she’ll be leave to pursue her dream of being on Broadway. She wishes you all luck to all that are staying as well as to those leaving with her.

Jan – Carlyn Abney

Carley Abney is a senior who is excited to be playing one of the pink ladies in Grease. When we sat down and talked about this being her last play here, we talked about how it is sad to be leaving and how she will miss everyone here and the school itself. On a happier note, she is already to start practice and is very happy to be playing Jan.

Doody – Drew Stranger
Drew Stranger is a sophomore here Logan and found her passion for acting in drama class freshmen year. She says, “Acting it like playing pretend but on a much bigger scale.” She wishes the seniors luck in their careers, saying, “You all have made me feel like part of the family here at the plays in Logan.”

Kenicke – Lucas Davenport

Lucas Davenport is a freshmen this year and seems to be really excited to get to know the cast and start the plays here at the high school.  He started doing plays because his mom had talked him in to it and he fell in love with acting immediately.

Sonny La Tierri – Breton Whitaker

Breton Whitaker, freshmen, said this is his first time every doing a play. He had wanted to do a play for a while, but just could not find the time. He seems to like playing the villains more than the good guys.

Roger – Caleb Hardison

Caleb is a junior who has just recently become part of the plays, formerly helping out with the plays. Caleb said, “It is not about getting a big part, which don’t get me wrong it is nice to get a big part, but it is about the people you make connections with, the people you meet here.”

Vince Fontaine – Sean Simpson

Sean Simpson is an energetic sophomore who is no stranger to the drama world. Sean started doing plays when he was little and he’s mom entered him in to a play and he took a liking to it right away.  He was also excited for Grease, but he was also sad about the senior leaving and he said thanks to every one who had encouraged him to do the plays here a Logan, and “I wish you all good luck with your future after high school.”

Cha-Cha, Charlene DiGregorio – Andrea Hinojoza

Andrea Hinojoza is a sophomore. She’s been out spoken most of her life and she just seemed to drift more to the arts. She said, “You know my brother was the smart one, and my sister was the athlete; and I didn’t have a certain thing until I found dancing and acting.”

Eugene Florczyk – Bailey Pfistner

Bailey Pfistner is a senior and doing Grease will be his last high school play here at Logan. Bailey started do the plays his sophomore year. Bailey has a very goofy personality, and when I was interviewing him he seemed to try and make everything we talked about light-hearted and funny. He wishes everyone good luck with their lives after high school.

Johnny Casino – Trevor Hesson

Trevor Hesson is a freshman who will be starting his acting career here at the high school. He had joined Students for the Arts here at the high school, which got him in the LCHS plays. Trevor says he has always enjoyed dance, but never thought about doing the musicals.

Miss Lynch – Kiley Rager

Kiley Rager is a junior who started doing the plays last year and seems to have a liking to goofy characters in the plays. She got started doing the plays because a friend had asked her to be in them ever since middle school and she finally broke down and did one and ended up really like them and has done every one since. Kiley wishes all the seniors good luck and, “You all were great to work with.”

Patty Simcox – Haley Dixon

Then there is me, I am Haley Dixon a junior. I started acting because I felt as though I have always wanted to be on the silver screen. I also found that acting is like becoming a different person, which is kind of an escape from everyday life; you can be anyone or anything you want when you are acting. The seniors this year are very sweet people and I wish you all the best of luck and thank you for the help you all have given me over the years of acting together.

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