New Year’s Resolutions

By Jaclyn Batchelor

New Year’s resolutions are a common tradition for many in the coming of a new year. We make goals in the hope of making the New Year better than the last. A lot of people even go as far to say, “New Year, New me.”

Recently, 45 LC students were polled about their New Year’s resolution. The most votes, with almost 29%, voted that their resolution was to become healthy and fit. The second biggest resolution was to enjoy life to the fullest (20%). Coming in last with only one vote was to learn something new/gain a new hobby. All these resolutions could make a positive impact on people’s lives, and no matter what was chosen, 2017 promises to be a great year.  A few staff and students had the following resolutions:

Mr. Bailey- “If I had one it would be to not disappoint myself by making resolutions… and to stop progressively gaining weight.”

Blane Brown- “Get Homework done on time.”

Paige Brown- “Get in shape for prom.”

Ann-Meguiar Bouldin- “Don’t say just kidding when you’re not just kidding.”

Karrah Cron- “Drink more water.”

Amanda Crutchfield- “I did not make one this year.”

Joey Dilliha- “Steal more girls.”

Hannah Goss- “Read the Bible more.”

Austin Gregory- “To use the word ‘bro’ more often and more obnoxiously.”

Kristen Hendricks- “To not have a mental breakdown.”

Lucas Henley- “…”

Coach Hoots- “To get more weight to have a gravitational pull.”

Josh McKinney- “Quit playing Nose Goes.”

Cody Pendergrass- “I don’t have one.  I don’t make them.  I feel like a butthole when I don’t do them.”

Coleman White- “To be more Christ like and optimistic.”

Erik Williams- “To get swole, bro.”

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