Top Ten Christmas Songs

By Abi Lindsey

Christmas is in fact the most wonderful time of the year; it is the season of love and giving. All year round everyone is eager to watch Christmas movies on Hallmark channel, to give and receive presents, as well as singing along to Christmas favorites. Christmas songs are the spark to the season and put the jolly in “Holly, Jolly Christmas.” There are a vast majority of songs nearly everyone loves and putting together a list of the best Christmas songs is close to impossible. However, in an attempt, here is a list and explanation of the 10 best Christmas songs to date:

  1. “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” – Brenda Lee

When listening to Lee’s “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” you can’t help yourself but to sing along to its rock and roll tune. Causing you to also break into sing and dance when you hear the song comes on is definitely not a bad thing, as most everyone loves it too. Written by Johnny Marks and recorded by a then 13 year old Brenda Lee in 1958; today the song is still one of the best known Christmas hits.

  1. “White Christmas” – The Drifters

 The Drifters version of “White Christmas” sends you spiraling back in time to the doo-wop     days. The group’s outstanding talent leaves you in awe with their amazing harmony and voices. The song leaves you picturing the glistening treetops and the beautiful, white snow. Although, originally written by Bing Crosby, The Drifters add their own R&B/Soul spin to the tune making it stick in your head for days.

  1. “Blue Christmas” –Elvis Presley

In 1964, The King of Rock makes no surprise with the release of “Blue Christmas’ in all of its Christmas glory. Elvis being the legend he was, made most every song he recorded, even when it comes to Christmas.  Despite the title, this song definitely won’t leave you feeling blue this holiday with a fun rock ‘n’ roll tune making you want to bust a move.

  1. ‘The Christmas Waltz’ – Frank Sinatra

Sinatra’s recording of “The Christmas Waltz” makes you feel nice and cozy with extra holiday cheer. The tune takes you on a roller-coaster of highs and lows as it repeatedly picks up speed and slows back down while you can waltz along. Although recorded in 1954, Sinatra’s portrayal of the Christmas classic causes the world to fall in love every year.

  1. “Wonderful Christmastime” –Paul McCartney

Shortly after The Beatles split, McCartney wrote and recorded “Wonderful Christmastime.” The delightful and cheery lyrics leave most thinking back to memories of Christmas as a child and how it is simply the most “wonderful” time of the year. The upbeat, pop tune and reoccurring jingling bells is what sets this song apart from most other Christmas hits and people love it too.

  1. “Jingle Bell Rock” -Bobby Healms

‘Jingle Bell Rock’ is definitely “bushels of fun” most tend to catch themselves bobbing their head or tapping their foot along with the beat. The song has many different components including the ringing of jingle bells in the background, harmonizing included in the background as well and what seems like a choir tuning in towards the end of the song. Healms’ version of this classic is one that first comes to mind when thinking of Christmas and will make you want to sing along to.

  1. “Last Christmas” – Wham!

Released in the early 80s, “Last Christmas” was and continues to be on the Christmas top charts that most everyone knows the chorus to. The pop song has been covered by many artists since it was originally released; however, nobody has been able to top the original. The power behind the lyrics in this song is due to heartbreak from what seems a bad break up. All in all, ‘Last Christmas’ is a classic nobody skips on their holiday playlist.

  1. “Santa Baby” – Eartha Kitt

“Santa Baby” is the definition of classic. The song is slow with perks here and there emphasizing the lyrics. Kitt lists off a long, expensive range of gifts, from a convertible to a yacht to a ring; which she doesn’t mean on the phone. She is hopeful to get all of these gifts because she has been a “good girl” all year. In all, Kitt’s version of ‘Santa Baby’ is by far one of the top Christmas songs giving everyone a perk when you hear the “ba dooms”.

  1. “Sleigh Ride” – The Ronettes

Recorded in 1963, The Ronettes put their own spin on the original “Sleigh Ride” written and composed by Leroy Anderson. The group starts off the song with a similar sound to reindeer hooves clicking and reindeer whining then transitions into an upbeat holiday classic that everyone loves to sing along to.

  1. “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch” – Thurl Ravenscroft

Based off of the book ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ written by Dr. Seuss, Ravenscroft’s song portrays the “nasty wasty” aspects of the Grinch and the hate he has for Christmas. While talking you back to your childhood and reading the book around the Christmas season, the song is also catchy and rhythmic causing you to eventually learn every word so you can sing at the top of your lungs.

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