Top Ten Christmas movies

By Lydia Manley

In no particular order, here are the Top Ten Christmas movies.

1.Polar Express


Although it is a newer movie compared to the others, it is one that is loved by all and makes you truly feel like a kid again.

2.The Grinch (both)


Both of these a great adaptions of a great book and a perfect feel good family movie.

3.Charlie Brown Christmas

From the iconic seen with Linus, to the jokes in between, this will always be a classic I watch every year.


4.It’s a Wonderful Life


From beginning to end it has our hearts, a classic that teaches a real meaning of the holidays every year, one of which is that no man is a failure who has friends.

5.A Christmas Story


A classic that has us laughing year after year, but be careful or you will shoot your eye out!

6.Home Alone


Let’s be honest, we have all considered trying these pranks on our parents all the time, but it’s a bit safer to watch them employed on Harry and Marv.



This is another one of the newer movies on the list, but it has us rolling the whole time while making us ponder what our favorite colors are.  And in case you notice that Christmas cheer is low in your household, then try singing load so that everyone can hear.

8.Christmas Carol


Another classic that everyone adores, with many different versions, each adaption is great as a miser learns the meaning of Christmas as well as the purpose of living.  Hint: it’s not about getting money.

9.Santa Clause 1, 2, 3

From Santa falling off a roof to running the north pole, each of these movies is just as good as the one before it.


10.National Lampoons

The epitome of funny Christmas movies, you will laugh at this hilarious family throughout the whole movie.


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