Dreaming of a White Christmas? Forecast According to Farmer’s Almanac

By Claire Wilson

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Aren’t we all. Every year, we silently hope for the temperature to drop and to wake up on Christmas morning to see a white blanket covering the ground. It is something about the flurries and the eerie noise of the wind, the glistening snowflakes and having our dreams fulfilled. As Christmas approaches us, the hope for snow begins. According to The Farmers’ Almanac, and the two month weather forecast for Russellville, Kentucky, rain, snow, and colder temperatures are expected for the week of Christmas! This could result in a white Christmas, but it could also result in a gray, slushy one.

Let’s take a look at the number of white Christmas’ we have had in the past 18 years since LCHS seniors were born:

1998-1999: 0 inches                                                    2009-2010: 0 inches

1999-2000: 0 inches                                                    2010-2011: 0 inches

2000-2001: 0 inches                                                    2011-2012: 0 inches

2001-2002: 0 inches                                                    2012-2013: 0 inches

2002-2003: .5 inches                                                   2013-2014: 0 inches

2003-2004: 0 inches                                                    2014-2015: 0 inches

2004-2005: 0 inches                                                    2015-2016: 0 inches

2005-2006: 0 inchessingle_bing_crosby_-_white_christmas_cover

2006-2007: 0 inches

2007-2008: 0 inches

2008-2009: 0 inches

Russellville’s average monthly snowfall for December is under an inch, but hopefully Mr. Crosby’s wishes can come true for the first time in LCHS students’ lives.

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