Changing Seasons: Volleyball’s Victories Are More than Wins

By Jaclyn Batchelor

This season was an overall success with a record of 32-10, finishing third in region. The Lady Cougar’s team consisted of four seniors: Miranda Wright, Kailee Moore, Catherine Miller, and me, Jaclyn Batchelor. In the early parts of the season, Wright injured her knee and later had surgery to repair her torn ACL, Meniscus, and sprained MCL. This injury caused her to be out for the remainder of the season, but this did not image3stop her from supporting the team she had grown to love.  “This season was one to remember. Even though I did not get to play I was still at every game and at any practice I could make,” says Wright. When asked what volleyball meant to her she simply replies, “Volleyball is how I cope with my dad’s death and it relieves stress from school and life in general.”


Varsity libero, Catherine Miller, says, “Volleyball has always been my ‘go to’ whenever I’m stressed! Logan County Volleyball has been my second family. All the girls are like sister to me, and I swear I’d do anything for any of them.  The coaches are each like a father figure to me. Knowing that as a team we are a family has made the sport I enjoyed into the sport that has changed my life.”image5

“Volleyball has been a part of my life since I was in the 4th grade. I’ve grown so much to love the game and am so thankful for all the memories and friendships made along the way. My time as a Lady Cougar may be over, but I’ll never forget the memories made with this special group of girls,” says Moore.

I was a senior on the team this year, so I experienced firsthand the ups and downs that come with every season. Volleyball has meant so much to me for the past nine years of my life; from a chubby 4th grader to my senior season I have grown so much as a person because of my experiences on the court. I learned determination, met so many new people, and learned what it meant to truly love something. On top of all this, I met my best friends and for that I am forever grateful. I am so sad that my volleyball career has come to an end but so happy for each blessings throughout the years. I will be beginning a new chapter in my life but this sport will always have a place in my heart and in the foundation that made me who I am today.


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