JROTC Leadership Challenge: LCHS Staffulty Bonds while Overcoming Obstacles on a Fun Day

By Tristin Powell & Savanna Qualls

On November 7th Logan County High school used a “Funday Monday” for teachers to come together and run the JROTC obstacle course.

cwtcny8xcaaxuaqMr. Spears said that he felt that teachers are separated because of different curricula and he tried something new to get teachers together, and build relationships. Many teachers who participated say they learned more about other teachers and they would absolutely do it again. JROTC students also ran the course with the teachers and showed them the ropes.

cwtcrbzwiaaa-p5Mr. Malcomson said that “Even though I already respect the JROTC program and student, this made me respect them even more.” So not only did this bring the teachers, it showed them what the JROTC students do first hand. This was such a success, that Mr. Spears hopes to continue to help teachers and students bond as well with many more future activities.

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