Election Results: Trump and Petrie Take Logan County

By Lydia Manley & Claire Wilson

In Logan county’s presidential election results, Trump won 71 percent of the votes in with 7,778. Hillary Clinton got 25 percent with 2,755, according to the News Democrat.

Jason Petrie won the house seat in Logan and Todd county 10,938 votes against Martha Jane King who had 5,788 votes. According to Kentucky.com

5822db0da1cc2-imageDonald Trump’s platform primarily involves immigration and healthcare. His most famous plan for immigration is to build the wall along the Mexican U.S. border. Whether this will actually go through or not is to be announced, but on 60 minutes Trump said he still plans on building the wall. Another one of Trump’s major talking points is about repealing Obama Care, and replacing it with better and affordable healthcare that includes purchasable coverage across state lines.


Two major concerns for Jason Petrie are transparency toward Kentucky’s public pensions.  41.3 percent of Kentucky’s expenditures go toward education, and the state has over $41 billion in debt, largely due to funding pensions of state employees.  Petrie advocates for transparent public regards that are “in plain view of public eyes,” for “decisions behind closed doors usually are thought through only for benefit of those involved.”  Additionally, Petrie argues for revenue increases without raising taxes while also decreasing expenses “especially in the immediate future.”

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