Halloween At Logan County High School

By: Haley Dixon and Audrey Hagens

It was the day of spooks, a day of fear and horror. It was Halloween, the holiday when little kids dress up as monsters and fictional characters to receive candy. So of course Logan County High School would participate in the festivities. How you ask? With a wacky costume contest between our very mature teachers of course! So read our tale of spooktastic adventures if you dare!

To start off, the majority of students dressed up in group costumes this year as far as we could see. Most seemed to have a theme of either being cute or comedic. For the most part it seemed as if the students had forgotten about Halloween because there were arguably not as many students dressed up as there was last year. However the lack of costumes could be due to the fact that it was a Monday, the day of being forgetful and lazy.

Fortunately, our staff did not seem to forget that Halloween existed as they were undoubtedly the highlight of the day. All the costumes were fantastic and imaginative.  Just in case anyone couldn’t figure out which department did what, here’s a little cheat sheet. The English department was The Lord of the Rings, the history department was Star Wars, the science department was puns, and the math department was holidays. The teacher seemed to really be in to their characters this Halloween. For Example Mr. Bailey, who was Gandalf, had his journalism follow him around the hallways on his quest for the sacred camera. Along the way, he met up with Darth Vader (Coach Bob) and Jabba The Hut, (Mr. Malcomson) who both foiled his plans.




Now let’s talk about the friendly costume competition between the teachers. The competition seemed to be most competitive between the English department and History department, who seemed to be pretty evenly matched.  Though the English department tried their hardest to pull out a win it seems as though the history department won by the skin of the teeth. We still think it should have been the English department just because we feel as though that Star Wars is a little over done and not creative as the made costumes of Lord of the Rings. Also Mr. Dayton won the best individual costume dressed as a whoopee-cushion. Overall the teachers really gave it their all this year and the students definitely appreciated the costumes, just not the homework.

Remember that Halloween is a holiday full of creativity and the chance to be whatever you want to be. So when the day of school finally came to an end on Halloween, we hope everyone went home, dressed up, tried something different, or got out of the house to go trick or treating with friends or siblings. You’re never too young to celebrate Halloween or any holiday for that matter.

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