Review: LCHS Haunted Houses

By: Elizabeth Brooks

Recently on October 27th-29th our school was haunted by the scariest of clowns and the most insane asylum of all. The building was full of screams and cries for help to escape the terrors of LCHS.  The teachers being the most wicked of all, giving out what we fear most… HOMEWORK!!!

The first of the haunted houses starts in the grotesque halls of the freshman wing of the high school. JROTC did a wonderful job with their props and decorations. All their creations were handmade, and you can tell they were very proud of their distinguished Carnevil. The costumes were great, and the performances that went along with them were just as good. My favorite part was when we were forced to crawl through what i would describe as a obstacle course. It was this large wooden structure decorated with gore and blood. As we went through, the clowns and monsters were chasing you and a few were reaching for you through the various holes and windows of the building. To top it all off, the house ends with a chainsaw wielding maniac. A bit cliche, but scary nonetheless. The outcome of the haunted Carnevil was a success for JROTC and for those who wanted a few jumps, scares, and screams on this all of hallows eve.

The front halls of LCHS were taken over by the patients of Happy Hills Sanitarium. Students for the Arts had an amazing performance. Not only was the acting outstanding, but the decorations were very good as well. The Students for the Arts unfortunately didn’t have as a high as a budget as JROTC, yet they still made their items creepy. A static TV covered with bloody hand prints, power tools used for shock therapy sessions, and synthetic body parts are just a few examples. One of the more notable moments is when the audience is introduced to doctor Jimmy, a psychotic patient with multiple personality disorder. He introduces you to his dead patient, who Jimmy then reveals to be himself as he chases you out of the building. Overall, Happy Hills is definitely a place i wouldn’t want to visit again, in a very good way.

The haunting’s weren’t in vain either. All of the proceeds from the Students for the Arts went towards their future productions such as the plays and musicals. As for JROTC, their money was donated to Angel Tree, a charity apart of the Salvation Army who gives gifts to lees fortunate children.

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