iPhone 7 Review

By: Lydia Manley

The recent iPhone has been released for about a month now, which has been ample time for everyone to form an opinion on it. There have been many mixed thoughts on new features or the lack there of. Considering this is the 7th in the series and is quite expensive, people are wanting something more innovative. Of course IOS has been improved over the years, but some new additions to the actual phone would be nice.

The first big change that has everyone talking is the removal of the headphone jack. Instead of a traditional jack for an aux cord or headphones, Apple has opted for an adapter that you plug into the charging port. It’s assumed this was done due to the rising popularity of Bluetooth, and the new wireless headphones that Apple is selling. Having owned the phone for about two weeks now, I can say it is inconvenient not being able to charge it while listening to music, and having to carry around another tiny item that is easy to lose. However I am slowly getting accustomed to it. Other than that there are many improved features that definitely change the game. The camera has been improved tremendously. Seriously you feel like a professional with this thing. Everything is better from the zoom to the quality of the pictures. It seems that Apple tried to improve the features already present and leave out the new tech so it can be improved. While some would rather want a new feature now, I personally respect the decision as it paves the way for the future technology.

Besides the move of the antenna lines the last big change is the water resistance of the phone. Not knowing if it was true I was weary about if it would hold up in water accidents like apple claimed, until the other day when I accidentally dropped it in the toilet. I had to do nothing but wipe it off and the water had no effect. The last feature introduced was the new colors of the phone. Of course this is only for aesthetics, but nowadays phone style is just as important as your outfit. Apple kept the silver and rose  gold, but introduced a black and jet black. Overall, I have been pleased with what apple has put out this year. The phone did what it needed to do to improve, and the stuff they did work on was a definite upgrade.

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