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Changing Seasons: Volleyball’s Victories Are More than Wins

By Jaclyn Batchelor This season was an overall success with a record of 32-10, finishing third in region. The Lady Cougar’s team consisted of four seniors: Miranda Wright, Kailee Moore, Catherine Miller, and me, Jaclyn Batchelor. In the early parts of the season, Wright injured her knee and later had surgery to repair her torn ACL, Meniscus, and sprained MCL. This injury

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JROTC Leadership Challenge: LCHS Staffulty Bonds while Overcoming Obstacles on a Fun Day

By Tristin Powell & Savanna Qualls On November 7th Logan County High school used a “Funday Monday” for teachers to come together and run the JROTC obstacle course. Mr. Spears said that he felt that teachers are separated because of different curricula and he tried something new to get teachers together, and build relationships. Many teachers who participated say they learned

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Review: LCHS Haunted Houses

By: Elizabeth Brooks Recently on October 27th-29th our school was haunted by the scariest of clowns and the most insane asylum of all. The building was full of screams and cries for help to escape the terrors of LCHS.  The teachers being the most wicked of all, giving out what we fear most… HOMEWORK!!! The first of the haunted houses starts

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