Monthly Archives: October 2016

Logan County FFA Travels to Indianapolis for National Convention

By Ann-Meguiar Bouldin The 89th National Convention was a historical event for the FFA. As downtown Indianapolis was transformed into all-things-FFA for the first time in five years, a record setting 63,000 FFA members filed in. Members all the way from Alaska to Puerto Rico and Maine to Hawaii made their ways to the biggest FFA event of the year. In

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The History Of Creepy Clowns

By: Savannah Allen  Clowns have been around for many years. They were first made popular by the circus in the 19th century. The clowns would give the kids balloons and they would do large acts depending on the crowd. Clowns have been around ever since. However, now they are less of a symbol of joy and more of a symbol

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The Spears Beard: Emerging into the Brotherhood of Beards, from Whom Is the Following Counsel on Beard Growing and the Proper Lack of Maintenance, the Philosophy and Politics of Beardness, the Ethics of Possessing a Beard, Beards: a Brief History, and Beards etcetera

By Savannah Allen & Carly Hankins With the benevolent oversight of Mr. Bailey During his presidency, Abraham Lincoln rocked an exceptional Beard, thus starting a new era. Inspired, the following generations started growing out their facial hair, but only sporadically, as scarcely as the facial hairs upon the faces of freshmen boys. Today, year 2016, growing facial hair has become a mandate

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