Artist Review: The Lumineers

By: Claire Wilson

The Lumineers are a band originating from Denver, Colorado that consists of three musicians. The songwriters are Wesley Schultz, the vocalist and guitarist, and Jeremiah Fraites on the drums and piano. They are then backed up by vocalist/cellist, Neyla Pekarek.

The band has been nominated for a Grammy award, and reached #1 on the billboard charts numerous time with their worldwide famous songs such as; ‘Stubborn Love’,‘Ho Hey’, and ‘Ophelia’. Their original album sold millions of copies across the world and the words that fill the tracks are stories that they want to share with everyone. Jeremiah Fraites said it best in an interview, “We want songs you can wrap your arms around. There’s enough generic stuff out there full recycled words that don’t really mean anything. There have to be other stories to tell, and other ways to tell them.”

This band has not lost the value of relationships and the importance of staying humble. During performances the band rushes to the crowds to make the concerts more personal. They truly care about the fans and don’t want this fame to make them unhuman-like, just listen to their new song, “My Eyes”, to prove it. The band takes time to write lyrics that actually have a purpose and will give the listeners a glimpse of their story, or write their own story with their music.

I previously attended The Lumineers concert and I would give the band a 5/5. The music was astounding, it made you feel as if it was only you and the music there. They weren’t focused on trying to entertain the crowd, but just to sing their stories and play their music. Once they played their final song, ‘Stubborn Love” and we exited the amphitheater, the people murmured of how amazing the concert was. If you aren’t familiar with this band, look them up. Most will instantly fall in love with them, I highly recommend it!

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