Pilot Review: Designated Survivor

By: Lydia Manley

Designated Survivor premiered Wednesday on ABC. Tom Kirkland is asked to resign from his position as secretary of housing. However, later that night he is the “designated survivor” during the state of the union. Meaning he’s the last member of congress standing in case of an attack that would kill the majority of the U.S government. As shown in the shows trailers, the capitol is attacked, congress, the POTUS, and everyone in the building are killed. The show goes on to show Kirklands reaction, and shows what the U.S. will do next as he becomes the new president of the United States.

This pilot is a good exposition for the show. It introduces many characters and their role in the upcoming episodes. There is also internal conflicts created besides the obvious one. One plot point the writers are using to advance the series as a show is making the attacker unknown and having many possible suspects. The show is another “political” show but unlike some in the past, it is easy to understand by the way the language is presented. All in all the pilot was a good opener for the series and I highly recommend you watch it.

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