Movie Review: The Blair Witch (2016)

By: Haley Dixon

Rating: 3/5

The Blair Witch starts off with Lisa (Callie Hernande) filming James (James Allen McCune) talking about a video clip off the internet. In the clip, there is a girl who is shown in a mirror, James believes it is his sister (who disappeared in those woods 20 years ago). James presumes that his sister is still alive and somehow trapped in the woods and lost. In hopes to find her, James and his friends (Peter, Ashley, and Lisa) set off to Burkittsville, Maryland to talk to the couple who found the clip while hiking in the woods.

Once arriving in Maryland, they find the young couple Lane (Wes Robinson) and Talia (Valorie Curry) who projected weird and peculiar energy. They all sat down as James and his friends start to question the young couple about the video clip they had found, but the couple refused to give details until they allow Lane and Talia to go with them to Black Hill.  James and his friends agree, only to gain the information they wanted from the young couple.

Soon they are at Black Hill and begin to set up camp for the night. Once night falls Lane and Talia start to tell the story of The Blair Witch, the rest of them eat hotdogs and s’mores while listening closely.  It gives off a lifelike atmosphere which adds to the horrifying parts of the movie. Later that night they hear branches, big trees falling, and wild dogs. I wont spoil any more, but the movie continues to build the tension from here. One thing the movie did that was really creative is when it seemed as if the black hill forest runs on its own nighttime and daylight schedule, which you will periodically see throughout the rest movie.

I give the movie a three out of five. The film is too much like the first one. The Blair Witch has some positives, it takes you through several suspenseful moments and the fact that it’s shot as a documentary adds to the thrill and chill bumps throughout the film. At the same time the movie kind of killed its self when it came to the dramatic music at some points, and it even became comedic at times. The movie’s not bad, it does give you a good scare but if you have seen the first one there is no reason to see the second except for the improved special effects, which was easily one of the best parts of the film. Overall the movie is okay. It’s more of a remake then a sequel but the movie does a competent job at being frightening and gruesome.


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