Teacher Feature: Ms. Ariel Wren

By: Lydia Manley 

Recently we got the chance to interview Ms. Ariel Wren, the new math teacher here at Logan County. She told us interesting facts about her life and how the experience at Logan County has been so far.

Lydia: Where are you from?

Ms. Wren: Franklin Kentucky.

Lydia: What made you come to Logan County?

Ms. Wren: I really liked talking to Mr. Spears and Mrs. Hopkins.

Lydia: How do you like teaching at Logan County so far?

Ms. Wren: I have really loved it.

Lydia: What are your thoughts on teaching, and also what is your least favorite part?

Ms. Wren: I enjoy it, a lot of grading and late nights.

Lydia: How was your transition from college to teaching?

Ms. Wren: I didn’t originally go to college to be a teacher.

Lydia: What did you want to do prior to choosing teaching?

Ms. Wren: Either teaching or stats analysis.

Lydia: What makes our school different?

Ms. Wren: Everyone is very supportive.

Lydia: How did you choose what subject you were going to teach?

Ms. Wren: I thought about what I was good at.

Lydia: What are you watching on Netflix?

Ms. Wren: Bones and Criminal Minds.

Lydia: What are your hobbies or interest?

Ms. Wren: Music, camping, and coffee.

Lydia: Any college advice for seniors?

Ms. Wren: Fill out the FAFSA the day it opens.

Lydia: What was college like, and what was your favorite part?

Ms. Wren: I enjoyed it a lot, and it teaches you how to manage your time.

Lydia: What is your favorite sports team?

Ms. Wren: I’m a Cubs fan.

Lydia: What other talents do you have?

Ms. Wren: I’m a barista and I sing and play intruments.



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