Restaurant Review: Slappyz

By: Claire Wilson

Within our community, we have many favorite restaurants, but one that sits on the edge of town holds the heart for many. A family owned restaurant called “Slappyz” serves the people of our town from Tuesday to Sunday and always with a smile.

The family diner has an abundance of menu options. The variety extends from home cooked meals, to Japanese hibachi, to a classic burger and fries. No matter what is chosen, the customer is sure to be satisfied. Every meal is affordable and the service is not only accurate, but efficient. Although there are several options, my personal favorite is the Big Slap meal. This consists of 5 crispy tenders, cold slaw, and fries. The chicken is fried to perfection and the meat is juicy and tender. The mound of fries are steaming hot and never disappoint. Another classic at the beloved restaurant is the burger and fries. Each sandwich is cooked perfectly to your liking and the topping choices are endless.

 This unique diner doesn’t only offer great meals, but also great culture. Once you walk in, you will immediately notice the quirky metal signs with tons of pop culture references and memorabilia. While enjoying company and a hearty meal, you can laugh and relate to the words surrounding you. You can even take the sign you admire the most for only ten dollars. The family orientated diner is always lively, for they understand the importance of good food, and good company.  This restaurant is a perfect 5/5 and I would recommend this local favorite to everyone.


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