Counselor Feature: Mrs. Amber McKinney

By: Hannah Polacheck and Carly Hankins 

We recently interviewed the new guidance counselor, Mrs. McKinney. Not only did we get to learn about her work here at school, but her life back at home as well.

Hannah: Where are you from?

Mrs. McKinney: I grew up in Auburn. I went to Auburn Elementary School and graduated from Logan County.

Hannah: What made you want to work at Logan County?

Mrs. McKinney: Before I came to Logan County, I worked at Chandlers as an elementary teacher. It was always my goal to be a counselor, so whenever this job opportunity opened up I thought it would be a great opportunity for me.

Carly: How do you like working at Logan County so far?

Mrs. McKinney: I am really enjoying getting to know everybody.

Carly: What is your favorite and least favorite part of your job?

Mrs. McKinney: I still haven’t got to do everything that my job entitles. This is my first year as a counselor. Right now, my favorite part is getting to interact with you all. I really don’t have a least favorite thing right now.

Carly: How was the transition from elementary kids to high schoolers?

Mrs. McKinney: It was different. I was a kindergarten teacher, so I went from one end of the spectrum to the other. In a way they’re all the same, kindergarteners have their problems and so do seniors. It’s really not all that different.

Hannah: Have you always wanted to be a teacher or did you want to be something before that?

Mrs. McKinney: In high school, I thought I wanted to do something in agriculture, because I grew up on a farm. I started out as an Ag business major in college. Then, I was teaching a Sunday school class at church and realized that maybe I should think about teaching. So, I changed my major and got into teaching. After I got into the classroom, I was required to have my masters, and I wanted another way to help kids. So, counseling was the next choice. That’s how I got into counseling.

Hannah: Are there any T.V. shows you are currently watching on Netflix?

Mrs. McKinney: With two little kids, I don’t watch much outside of Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse, but we have just started Stranger Things. My husband and I have to watch it together, because he is into it just as much as I am. It reminds me of the whole 80’s vibe, like E.T.

Hannah: Do you have any advice for seniors going into college?

Mrs. McKinney: I always try to tell students to know who you are before you go to college, because there are so many more influences in college that aren’t in high school.


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