Teacher Feature: Mrs. Tonda Mullins

By Savannah Allen

I recently got the chance to sit down with Mrs. Mullins, one of the math teachers new to LCHS.  While the conversation mostly stuck to teaching, we get to see her passion for the subject as well as her love of students.

Savannah: Where are you from?

Mullins: I’m originally from Larue County.

Savannah:  Okay, what made you come to Logan?

Mullins: We have lived here before. The land is absolutely beautiful, the people are great always nice.

Savannah: So far how do you like teaching at Logan?

Mullins: Somedays most kids come to class with good attitudes, good enthusiasm, they are mostly friendly unless they are having bad days, but they usually have good attitudes.

Savannah: Thus far, what are your thoughts on teaching? Also, what is your favorite and least favorite part about teaching?

Mullins: My thoughts about teaching? This is kind of a difficult question. My thoughts about teaching are that I love teaching because of the young people and teaching math is new. My quote I always use is, “If they try, they can.” My favorite part is what I already said: the young people I work with. My least favorite has to be grading papers.

Savannah: I think that’s every teacher’s least favorite thing to do. What college did you attend?

Mullins: My bachelors and master’s degree both came from WKU.

Savannah: If you could build the perfect student, what would the student be like?

Mullins: Perfect, always have a positive attitude and always can do things, but all students are great!

Savannah: Have you always wanted to be a teacher?

Mullins: No.

Savannah: Why?

Mullins: Because that’s what I felt like I was always supposed to do

Savannah: What makes Logan different from where you taught before?

Mullins: What makes Logan special is that here there are more students, the school has a good spirit always, the school community is just great, and the focus is on academic and sports.

Savannah: What can you offer that uniquely benefits your students?

Mullins: Always keep a good attitude; every day is a new day for everyone

Savannah: How did you choose the subject that you teach?

Mullins: I actually didn’t: my college calculus teacher told me that “God gave you talent. Use it.”

Savannah: What do you watch on Netflix?

Mullins: Nothing.

Savannah: Okay, what are your hobbies/interests?

Mullins: Well, I like to read, craft, decorate things, more busy with the boys; I also like to garden.

Savannah: Any college advice for seniors?  What was college like? What was your favorite part?

Mullins: Show up to class, don’t take any 8:00 A.M. classes, don’t procrastinate, and show up on time! I loved going to class; I was kind of a nerd. My favorite part was the different classes that you can take.

Savannah: What’s your favorite sport and sports team?

Mullins: Baseball, and the Reds.

Savannah: Favorite movie?

Mullins: You’ve Got Mail.

Savannah: If you weren’t a teacher what would you be?

Mullins: NASA scientist.

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