Marrick’s McCartney Music Marathon: McCartney

By Marrick Thurman

After a review of McCartney’s first Beatles album, now it is time to look at McCartney’s self-titled debut solo effort.

McCartney was Paul McCartney’s debut album as a solo artist, released on April 17th, 1970. McCartney had resisted the attempts of his fellow Beatles to have the release for McCartney delayed to allow for Apple’s previously scheduled titles, notably the band’s Let it be album, which was released one month after McCartney’s solo album.

The debut song on McCartney was “Lovely Linda,” a song McCartney wrote for his wife, Linda. The song was astonishingly brief at only 42 seconds long. That sort of made it stand out from the others. The song that stands out most, however, on the album is “Maybe I’m Amazed,” another song that McCartney had written for his wife. He wrote “Maybe I’m Amazed” after The Beatles disbanded and he began getting depressed. Linda’s constant support and love was the entire reason why we have such a classic rock song from McCartney.  The song is one of his most known, and was ranked 347 on The Rolling Stones Magazine’s 500 greatest songs of all time.

The song “Teddy Boy” was a slightly sad song with a good acoustic sound. McCartney originally started on the song during The Beatles’ 1969 recording sessions that became Let it be. However, McCartney got too frustrated trying to juggle all of the songs he and the other Beatles were working on at the time, and he set it aside to work on it later. The song has a comforting and soothing tone, which goes hand in hand with the gentle vocal harmony of McCartney and his wife.

McCartney and Linda were not the only ones who originally sang Teddy Boy, though. McCartney and John Lennon sang vocals for it, possibly in 1969, and George Harrison later covered the song.

The album is relaxing and has many, many outstanding and underrated songs from McCartney. Upon its release, McCartney held its number one spot on the US Billboard 200 for three weeks.

I find it to be one of my favorite albums due to the interesting new vibe these songs presented compared with McCartney’s previous songs with The Beatles. It is amazing to say the least; however, ill-mannered critics insisted that McCartney’s solo album was the sole cause of The Beatles break up. Fans, on the other hand, loved McCartney and knew that it would lead to more great music from the artist.

Stay tuned to the next stop along the McCartney Marathon, which is the Beatles’ second album, With the Beatles.

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