Academic Team Outsmarts Franklin

By Lucas Henley

Logan County has always been a force to be reckoned with in athletics, as shown by the recent success of the volleyball and cross country teams. But last week, brawn took a backseat to brains when the academic team trumped Franklin-Simpson.

The final score of the varsity match was 20 to 11, and the JV match was won 36 to 13. Both teams did extremely well, with Lewis Scott leading the charge. He played for both teams, and answered an absurd amount of questions, according to team captain Caleb Cline. “We have a great team this year due to how many specialists we have.” Cline said. “Everyone has a topic they excel at. Isiaha Price is a good example, he answered some really tough biology questions for us.”

While JV and Varsity did an impressive job, the freshman team did even better. They doubled Franklin-Simpsons score, ending the match 24 to 12. Their performance is more exceptional when you consider the rule changes from middle school to high school, making this group’s first match even harder. Cline had nothing but positive things to say about them, “I’m really proud of the way the freshman handled themselves, they took the competition very seriously and it paid off.”

The academic team goes to Butler on September 13th for their next match.

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