Teacher Feature: Ms. Hannah Keith

By Savanna Qualls

After sitting down with one of our new math teachers, Ms. Hannah Keith, we get a brief glimpse into a multi-talented and multifacted person who chose (among her many options) to become a mathematician.

Savanna: Where are you from?

Keith: Franklin, Kentucky.

Savanna: What made you come to Logan County?

Keith: I got a chance to come and observe before I took the job and I really liked what I saw and everybody was super nice; and it felt like a family.

Savanna: Do you enjoy teaching at Logan County?

Keith: I do. I like it a lot.

Savanna: If you could build a perfect student, what would that student be like?

Keith: Oh, that’s a hard one. The student would work really hard in class, be a leader to their classmates. I would also throw a little humor in there for the days when it’s a little bit harder.

Savanna: How did you choose what subject you wanted to teach?

Keith: Well, math was always my favorite, so I decided to teach other people how to do it.

Savanna: Have you always wanted to be a teacher?

Keith: Actually, no; I wanted to be a veterinarian.

Savanna: What changed your mind?

Keith: I didn’t want to have to go to school that long, so also that was the biggest thing. Plus, I knew I would cry every time I had to put an animal down.

Savanna: What are you watching on Netflix?

Keith: I like One Tree Hill.

Savanna: Do you have a favorite sports team?

Keith:  I like the Kentucky Wildcats and the Tennessee Titans.

Savanna: Do you like football or basketball better?

Keith: I love watching both but I would rather play basketball.

Savanna: What talents do you have other than teaching? What career would you be in if it was based on your talents?

Keith: I would probably be a writer, like something to do with journalism. I actually had a creative writing major before I swapped.

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