Political Zoo Poll: Race to the White House

Logan County High School General Election Match-up

Donald Trump  63.92%

Other  21.65%

Hillary Clinton  9.28%

Jill Stein  4.12%

Gary Johnson  1.03%

Despite the recent poll “2016 Presidential election general election match-up” suggesting Donald Trump’s two-point lead over Hillary Clinton in the Presidential race, Trump squashes the competition in our LCChronicle poll that asked which candidates Logan County students would choose in the upcoming election. Despite a recent poll from Real Clear Politics suggesting that Clinton has an almost a four point lead over trump, the students at LCHS lean in a different direction (most polls can be seen here). As tight and interesting as this race has been, it is unclear who the winner will be until November 8th.  In the last stretch of this political zoo, November could prove to be an entirely different animal.

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