Wildcat Wilderness Run: Cross Country Breezes into 2nd Place

By Audrey Hagens

The crisp morning air was carried on a light breeze and high hopes as determination drifted through the morning sky. It was an early Saturday morning; the world was quiet. September 3rd was a good day for many: the varsity boys placed second behind Apollo, and Alyssa Hewitt, first time middle school runner, broke the school record for the 3K, while also placing 9th. Our Logan County Cougars performed with excellence, much like Malcom Reynolds in “Shindig.”

055Varsity Boys

Name Time Place
Thomas Lyne 17:10.94 5th
John Hendricks 17:44.21 12th
Tanner Morrow 17:53.23 15th
Gage Cousineau 18:24.00 23rd
Dean Heltsley 18:30.35 25th
Damanuel Barbee 18:35.21 30th
Devin Roche 18:36.08 31st
Conner Dill 18:39.78 34th
Wesley Abney 19:35.85 57th
Dylan Steenburgen 20:35.20 75th
Duncan Sandlin 20:56.14 85th
John Higgins 22:50.85 120th
Woodrow Stamps 27:40.26 147th


Varsity Girls

Name Time Place
Meredith Johnson 21:53.23 15th
Jessie Hankins 22:56.31 27th
Emily Jones 22:56.65 28th
Eliza Hagens 23:54.52 47th
Haleigh Duncan 25:14.15 67th
Kela Heltsley 28:33.52 89th
Cheyenne Nash 29:01.27 93rd


Middle School Boys

Name Time Place
Bill Cooper 12:04.47 21st
Jacob Burton 14:25.65 67th
Trenton Fears 14:43.31 73rd
Will Shoemake 15:14.58 77th
Joseph Trent 15:22.40 78th
James Wheeler 17:46.26 90th


Middle School Girls

Name Time Place
Alyssa Hewitt 13:06.09 9th
Emma Trent 13:50.59 16th
Keira Costello 14:15.82 27th
Ashtyn Cole 14:23.90 30th
Brooklyn Haskins 15:40.78 38th
Kirsten Johnson 16:30.99 47th
Laren Hines 17:17.52 50th
Savannah Nichols 20:59.96 56th


Elementary Boys

Name Time Place
Mason Noe 10:42.36 28th
Kadin Switzer 13:19.92 40th


Elementary Girls

Name Time Place
Molly “Socks” Stapleton 10:12.52 13th
Ella Lawson 12:37.84 28th


Give our runners a paw for their outstanding performance. This Saturday, September 13th, they take on Kereiakes Park at the Purple Striders Invitational. Much like Malcom’s duel with Atherton, I suspect that they will emerge victorious.

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