The Queens of Old: Volleyball Reigns as Lady Cougars Reach 100-Straight Distract Wins

By Abi Lindsey & Blayke Bingham

The Logan County Lady Cougars reign supreme in volleyball, especially in district competition.  They have three digits that prove it.

On Tuesday night, LC volleyball left their mark on history by reaching their 100th consecutive district win with a victory over Franklin-Simpson 3-0. It all began when the team of 2004 went undefeated in the district that year. For the next 12 years, Logan County has dominated district opponents by huge margins of victory.

To top off the night, the stands were filled with students posed as 100 year-olds in honor of this event.


Lots of fans from around the county came to pack the stands along with volleyball players from the five middle schools. Each middle school volleyball player was recognized and welcomed to the floor by the high school team, encouraging them to continue playing and hopefully continue this legacy.

If the winning streak continues, at the end of the 2016 regular season, the Lady Cougars will have reached 102 consecutive wins.

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