Marrick’s McCartney Music Marathon: Please Please Me

By Marrick Thurman

Please Please Me was The Beatles first debut album with their then-new drummer Ringo Starr. It was released on March 22nd, 1963. By popular opinion it is considered one of the best albums in music history.  The Beatles had a nice Mersey Beat sound to their songs on this album. It was one of their first albums released before the ‘British invasion’ of music and Beatlemania that spread quickly to North America.

The entire album’s sound is charismatic and a classic. McCartney and Lennon’s vocal harmony in the songs, encompassed with Harrison’s back-up vocals, guitar, and Starr’s amazing drumming,  made for the beginning of a large portion of rock and roll history. The name for the album comes from the 7th song on the album, which happens to be one of the most well-known songs of The Beatles to date. The album was received well, clearly, by critics and fans alike and in 2012 was voted 39 on the Rolling Stones magazine’s list of 500 best albums of all time.  The Beatles took four of the Rolling Stone’s top ten slots, and of their 12 studio albums, eight of them were in the top 100.

Some of the most notable songs on Please Please Me that even non-Beatles fans know immediately include: “I Saw Her Standing There,” “Please Please Me,” “Love Me Do,” and “Twist and Shout.”

The song “Boys” was the first song where Starr sang lead with The Beatles, though that song was not an original Beatles song, it a cover by by The Shirelles (the only cover song on the entire album).

McCartney’s amazing bass playing and silky voice complemented the songs, as well as Lennon and Harrison’s outstanding guitar playing and Starr’s drumming that held the songs together. Starr and Harrison’s rare vocals were also entertaining to listen to, as was the different tone for “Misery.”

Please Please Me is an all-around fantastic and mesmerizing collection of songs. The album was obviously a huge success and set a high standard for competing musicians. The Beatles’ songs and albums, such as Please Please Me, continue to draw in new Beatles fans all the time, and there is no wonder why.

Keep a look out for my next sprint in the McCartney Music Marathon, which is coming soon!

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