Student Teacher Feature: Mr. Jordan Dobbs

By Jaclyn Batchelor, Blayke Bingham, & Lydia Manley

Last Thursday, we interviewed Mr. Jordan Dobbs, a student teacher under the tutelage of Mrs. Julie Cox. Dobbs expressed what he thinks of his position here at Logan County while offering us a better glimpse into who he is.    

Jaclyn: Where are you from?

Mr. Dobbs: I’m actually from Franklin, Kentucky and I grew up in Owensboro.

Jaclyn: How do you like teaching at Logan County so far?

Mr. Dobbs: I love it. The kids are all really polite, especially compared to schools I’ve been in in the past. Every kid around here is really nice. They always say hi, so I feel like I can talk to any of them.

Jaclyn: Thus far, what are your thoughts on teaching? Also, what is your favorite and least favorite part about teaching?

Mr. Dobbs: So far, my thought on teaching is it’s challenging at times, but really rewarding. I really enjoy it and I really like talking to kids. I think the hardest part for me is figuring out how to go about subject material, but that’s something I think I will get better at as I get to experience it more. But, just talking to students and relating to students is the easiest for me.

Jaclyn: If you could build the perfect student, what would that student be like?

Mr. Dobbs: A student who is willing to talk/discuss when discussion is needed, but a student who will not discuss when you should be silent. That’s probably a great student.

Jaclyn: How did you choose what subject you wanted to teach?

Mr. Dobbs: Well, actually, I have changed majors. I started out in art, then switched to history, and then switched to PE and then to English. So really, when it boiled down to it I just enjoyed English the most in high school and college. I knew I wanted to teach, I just wasn’t exactly sure what subject; but I guess I just enjoyed it the most. Pretty much the opposite of math is what I enjoyed [smiles]. I knew I definitely didn’t want to teach math.

Jaclyn: What are you watching on Netflix?

Mr. Dobbs: Right now I am watching Limitless: a TV show based off the movie with Bradley Cooper. I just finished Bloodlines, which was awesome. I’m also watching Gotham when they come out with new episodes.

Jaclyn: What are your hobbies or interest?

Mr. Dobbs: I really, really love music. I play music in almost any free time I have, like before I go to sleep. I play guitar a lot and use a thing called a loop pedal. It is where, based on how many measures you want, you can record what is called a “loop” and then once you record that loop it plays over and over and you can play over it and make your own songs. If you have heard of Ed Sheeran, that’s what he does… I’ve always been a big John Mayer fan. Not so much the things you might hear on the radio, but he is really bluesy, which I’m really into. So I guess he would probably be my favorite. I’m really into Chris Stapleton right now. His voice is just…

Jaclyn: Any college advice for seniors?

Mr. Dobbs: Be ready to study and study a lot. That’s really a big shock for a lot of students when you get to college. Not that you don’t have to study in high school, but you don’t realize the amount of reading and studying you will do. You will probably read on average, depending on the major, at least 100-150 pages of text a week. So, be prepared to read and study.

Jaclyn: What was your favorite part of college?

Mr. Dobbs: Probably meeting people was my favorite part. I played sports for a while and made a lot of friends; and then different places I worked I made a lot of friends, so I would say that was my favorite part.

Jaclyn: Favorite sports team, movie, TV show, or musical artist?

Mr. Dobbs: My favorite sports team would be the Nashville Predators. I have other sports teams, but they’re the best of my three favorites so they take the reins. My favorite movie: I really like the latest Batman Trilogy, it’s probably my favorite of all time. Not so much the new Batman vs Superman, although I do enjoy it. Music: That’s a hard question to answer because I really like music, but…. Let me come back to that one. What’s another one?

Jaclyn: Favorite food and restaurant?

Mr. Dobbs: Favorite food is Italian food, hands down. I really like Steamers, if you have heard of that. It is pretty new, but I really like that place. It is very good.

Lydia: What are your talents?

Mr. Dobbs: I guess music. I mean, I’m not so talented, but that’s what I would like to think that is one of my talents. I started playing drums when I was probably 5 and then my grandfather gave me a guitar when I was 6. My brother and mom actually have a CD, so we have all been playing music for a while. When we get together we jam out. But, I don’t like playing in front of a large amount of people. I wish I did, but yeah… I just love music in general.

Jaclyn: If you weren’t teaching, what career would you choose?

Mr. Dobbs: I would like to be in the military if I wasn’t a teacher. I always thought about being in the military. I have some family members in the military. More specifically, I would want to be a pilot. Like a fighter-jet pilot.


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