Inspirational Spotlight: Isiaha Price

By Elizabeth Brooks & Haley Dixon

Isiaha Price has been living on his own since he was sixteen.

He works at KFC and McDonald’s to pay the bills for his apartment.  As if that were not enough, Price has taken a plethora of Dual-Credit and AP courses while being in six different clubs here at LCHS: Academic Club, Beta, FBLA, DECA, Writing Club, and Book Club. He hopes to attend MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to become a surgeon, preferably in New York City.  At  only seventeen years of age, Isiaha Price has more ambition in his small finger then most of us have in our whole body.

With a quiet demeanor, Price does not garner much attention.  However, his inspiring story and extraordinary effort sets an example for us all. Despite many struggles, he has a positive and friendly altitude toward everyone he meets. Price also tries to improve on subjects he might not be the best at (which are few), a constant desire to excel that says much about his character.

I sat down with one of his teachers, Mrs. Wisdom,and asked her what stands out the most about him. “He’s confident in everything,” she said. Wisdom then described how intelligent, sweet, and what a team player he is. In DECA, he talks with other members and officers with respect, including those on the other team with whom Price competes.

Mrs. Lillard, Price’s FBLA adviser, described Price as “very driven to succeed at anything.” She continued, “My experience with Isiaha is that he goes out there and does his best to try and reach his goal.”

Price is inspired by a professor of nuclear engineering at MIT. Her story is that she failed algebra and then ended up teaching calculus to herself. Price finds her inspiring because they have many similarities in that they are both African American, had challenging starts, and they still seem to come out on top by giving their very best efforts. The professor inspired Price to believe in himself and that he can fulfill his desires of becoming a surgeon and attend MIT to achieve that goal.

Isiaha Price is a classic underdog that everyone is rooting for.  He has fought as hard as he could through all of his challenges instead of lying down and just feeling sorry for himself, and he does not ask for a pinch of sympathy. Price is a one of a kind person, and many of us have never met someone as driven and responsible as he is.

Regardless where Isiaha has been and where he has started, it is evident that where he ends up is going will have blazed a trail worth following.

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