Cross Country Meet: Warren East Raider Twilight Run

By Audrey Hagens

It was hot and humid, but someone decided to place a cross country meet on the muggiest day of the year, August 27th. Despite the heat, dreadful humidity, and lack of air movement, the runners’ spirits remained high. It was the team’s first meet of the season and they were determined, excited, and nervous. This team (more like an army, with their increase in numbers) was unstoppable, evidenced by Thomas Lyne running a personal best at 17:11, earning third place overall. If they fell, they kept going, like up-and-comer Savannah Nichols, 7th grade. So let’s applaud our Logan County Cougars: they came and they conquered like that dude Napoleon, exiling most opponents to Elba.


Varsity Girls (5,000 meters)

Time            Name                                         Place

23:11.56    Meredith Johnson 21st
23:55.01    Jessie Hankins 26th
24:41.12    Emily Jones 39th
27:11.42    Eliza Hagens (sup sis J) 74th
29:03.02    Haleigh Duncan 91st
29:52.52    Cheyenne Nash 103rd
31:57.09    Kela Heltsley 111th


Varsity Boys (5,000 meters)

Time              Name                                            Place

17:11.76    Thomas Lyne 3rd
18:37.76    Tanner Morrow 22nd
18:59.77    Gage Cousineau 26th
19:09.50    Dean Heltsley 32nd
19:13.21    Devin Roche 35th
19:20.20    Conner Dill 37th
19:47.61    Damanuel Barbee 51st
20:33.18    Wesley Abney 73rd
22:12.35    Duncan Sandlin 113th
22:25.57    Dylan Mullins 118th
22:44.99    Sam Noe 125th
23:08.29    John Higgins 128th
28:26.28    Woodrow Stamps 152nd


Middle School Girls (3,000 meters)

Time              Name                                            Place

15:54.37    Keira Costello 34th
15:59.86    Ashtyn Cole 39th
16:17.00    Emma Trent 45th
16:18.18    Molly Stapleton 46th
18:11.71    Kirsten Johnson 67th
18:25.37    Laren Hines 71st
20:51.21    Savannah Nichols 87th


Middle School Boys (3,000 meters)

Time              Name                                              Place

12:43.56    Dylan Steenburgen 15th
13:49.03    Bill Cooper 42nd
15:46.17    Will Shoemake 92nd
16:22.43    Trenton Fears 106th
17:10.43    Jacob Burton 115th
17:58.81    Joseph Trent 122nd
18:34.76    James Wheeler 128th


Elementary Girls (2,000 meters)

Time             Name                                                 Place

12:48.71    Ella Lawson 45th


Elementary Boys (2,000 meters)

Time              Name                                                Place

10:55.50    Gage Rosser 51st
11:40.10    Mason Noe 64th


And this is only the beginning, for much more is to come. Their next meet, this Saturday, September 3rd, is the Wildcat Wilderness at Franklin, and I trust that they are going to perform as well, if not better, and prove who is the alpha cat in the region.


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