Panther Platoon Joins Cougar JROTC

By Kaleb Boisseau & Lucas Henley

This year has already started to become such a great year for Logan County Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp or JROTC. The Corps has attracted the attention of another school. Russellville High School has created a magnet school program for students interested in taking JROTC at Logan County High School. Their platoon is called The Panther Platoon, reinventing our motto from CLAWS OF THE COUGAR to CLAWS OF THE CATS.

Second Platoon is made of mostly cadets from the Russellville High School, integrating leadership cadets from LCHS into the Panther Platoon to help teach values important to the Corps.  The program is excited to unite the two high schools. The joint venture is going to do both color guards for the Russellville and Logan County athletic events in an effort to support both schools in representing our community. Both schools want to give back and give more.

Several comments suggest that the two high schools have too big of a rivalry to cooperate; but the Corps already feel like a family. We win together and we lose together. We work together and we struggle together. The colors we wear will not keep us separated because this unified Corps is the same and that will never change.

JROTC has three Varsity Sports that compete against local and country wide schools, including both Logan County and Russellville students on each team.  In their events and daily activities of JROTC, both species of cats are looking forward to getting their claws into the competition.

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