Music Review: Illuminate by Shawn Mendes

By: Hannah Polacheck 



Shawn Mendes is a young Canadian artist who started out on the phone app Vine. He began getting attention when he started to post covers of other musicians on the app. He is a very talented artist and puts so much time and effort into his music. Shawn released his first ever album in April of 2015, called Handwritten. Since then he has got astounding views and feedback. It is ultimately up to the fans to make someone big and Shawn’s fans have done just that. He started out as a random teenager using Vine, and is now selling out multiple arenas all around the world. He is releasing a new album Illuminate on September 23, 2016. Everyone has been waiting for him to release a new album and the time has finally come.

Tracks and Theme:

There have been four songs released early on the Illuminate album: “Ruin,” “Mercy,” “Treat You Better,” and “Three Empty Words.” “Ruin,” “Mercy,” and “Three Empty Words,” are all slow, sad songs. If you are feeling heartbroken about your ex’s, these are the perfect songs to listen to. “Treat You Better” is more of an upbeat song. Shawn is describing how he can treat this girl better than the guy she’s with, and how he will be waiting for her when she gets tired of him. So, basically he is telling her that she deserves to be treated better, and he could be the one to do that. They are very relatable songs when it comes to a teenager’s everyday life.


From the four songs that have been released from the new album Illuminate, I easily give it a 5/5. These songs could be foreshadowing what the rest of the album will be like, meaning that it has the potential to be an unbelievable album. The talent and lyrics in the early releases is incredible, and everyone is impatiently waiting for September 23rd to hear the rest of the album.



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