Senator Rand Paul Visits Russellville

By Lydia Manley

On Monday, August 15, former Republican Presidential Candidate Rand Paul held a meet and greet at the Russellville GOP headquarters. Although he did not speak long, he made some good points and answered tough questions about cutting the national debt and bringing back jobs to the United States. Paul discussed bipartisanship and reasons why Republicans and Democrats do not get along, but he said that they collaborate more than people would think.

Lastly, he answered questions about the government’s surveillance of citizens’ private information. Senator Paul explained how a police officer must get a warrant to go into a citizen’s house, perusing private information would also require a warrant. Contrarily, he also believes that someone under FBI investigation should request for a warrant, because in many cases lately, such as the Orlando shooter, a warrant was not requested even though he was investigated as a threat.

Despite the short time with Senator Paul, the meet and great was both informative and compelling.

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