Preseason Glimpse: LCHS Golf on Course for Another Great Season

By Ann-Meguiar Bouldin

LC Golf does not receive the crown and glory that other Logan County sports do, but that is not stopping them from pursuing their season goals. Each week the team is out on the course perfecting their game. In the heat or under the clouds, the team works on mastering the nine different holes at Rolling Hills Golf Course. There you will find seniors all the way down to freshmen pursuing the same prize: season success.

Coach Mark Wood put it perfectly: “We want to be better at the end than we were at the beginning.” Since golf is primarily an individual sport, each member of the golf team takes Coach Wood’s words to heart. They know every time that they step into the tee box or onto the green, they will be changing the course of their season (no pun intended). Seniors Jack Wright and Kaitlyn Odle are the team’s most experienced golfers. They are setting the bar high for younger team members and helping emphasize Wood’s aspirations for the team.

Improving their game is important, but the golf team is also focusing on team bonding. Wood described his relationship with the golfers as a friendship. He mentioned his desire to ensure every member of the team enjoys the game. “We’re here to rise to the level of our competition, but we’re also here to have fun,” he said. This healthy competition is a basic principle for the team. In the past, LC golf has dominated teams like Russellville, but Coach Wood says Todd County is their closest competition. The team is excited for these match-ups later in the season.

Despite being lesser known, LC Golf is prepared to drive home some wins while having clear goals. That at least deserves a golf clap.

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